I tried to go crazy in Hanoi and try different foods.  Outside of Bangkok, some of the best food I ate in Southeast Asia was in Vietnam.  In a photo essay, here’s what I sampled.  Not the best photos and I am writing this nearly a month late so I am trying to piece together what was what.   Here we go:


Street food, stir fried frog and vegetables

Eggplant and minced pork

Meat in broth that you spice to your liking and eat over noodles

Salad with fruit and nuts

Egg yolk coffee, tasted like a latte

Banh Cuon

Mixed fruit with yogurt


Iced lime tea

Steamed clams with lemongrass and chili

Steamed garlic clams

Seafood fried rice


Seafood dipping sauces – soy, wasabi, chili, sweet chili

Seafood street food with snails!

Restaurants doing dishes outside