I ended my Stray adventure in Hanoi and was sad to leave the beautiful mountains and caves away from the city.  I made some new friends on the tour but after the heat and humidity of Southeast Asia and lack of personal space, I was ready for some Camille time.  No offense to my travel mates but I did not want to see the same faces all day that I had seen for nearly 14 days straight.  That may sound really mean but I just needed a change and time for myself.

Our last night out as a group we found the city’s beer street in the Old City.  Imagine the streets being closed off to motorbikes and taken over by mini chairs and tables.  There is a curfew of midnight in Hanoi.  Northern Vietnam has a more communist vibe where as in Southern Vietnam businesses flourish and its more commercial.  Our group had one last group dinner and then sat down on some mini chairs to melt into the night.  The travel mate I clicked most with was a very outgoing and chatty Irish woman by the name of Cat.  Her full gaelic name is Caitrona and she owned three t-shirts with photos of cats on them.  She had a subdued Irish accent and I loved hearing her talk.  Cat and I sampled Hanoi Vodka and learned that coke in Vietnam hides the effects of drinking a bit more than sprite or 7-up.  Well, at least I learned that, she is Irish after all.


Bia Street in Hanoi

Last night out as a group

Little tables and chairs

Cat and I, meow