In the northern Mountainous regions of Laos our Stray group went splunking through beautiful caves and enjoyed beautiful sunsets where mountains towered over rice paddies.  One of the most beautiful areas in Laos and undoubtedly one of my favorite stays.  

Konglor Cave is a highlight of Laos and will quickly be a tourist destination for many as they are building guesthouses and additional restaurants in the area.  To go through the caves one follows a 7 km long underground river that can be navigated by motorized longboat with a torch. It emerges into a lush valley on the far side which previously was only accessible by foot. The cave is in the Phou Hin Bun National Park, where we paid 120,000 kip for three people to be guided in and out of the cave.  Unfortunately as it was the start of the rainy season the waters were a bit murky and it didn’t make for good swimming but we took our time exploring the one part of the cave with footpaths.  

We had two nights in Kong Lor and it felt like a bit much for the season.  I would have liked another night in Vientiane although two nights would have been perfect if it wasn’t rainy season.  Our small Stray group enjoyed a few repetitive meals of rice and some type of meat plus morning glory accompanied with Beerlao time and time again.  We also all huddled around my ipad to watch Pitch Perfect one evening as the sun set around 7 pm and there wasn’t much else to do.  We all know Pitch Perfect is awesome.  

Our Homestay in front of the Mountains 

View outside the homestay


Village boy showing off his pet Slow Lorris

Ash, Melita and I approaching the Kong Lor caves

Melita and I taking selfies in the cave

The entrance of the cave

Exiting the caves after 7 km of exploring

Boat ride back to the dock