My last night in Saigon deserves its own post.  

I said farewell to Ho Chi Minh by spending some time in the Beer area of the cities backpacker area.  On Bui Vien Street there are dozens if not hundreds of little sit down areas where locals and travelers sit down and pay 50 cents to enjoy a beer and watch the world go by.  It was a low key night as I had to depart at 7 am the next day.  The evening was quintissential Asia in that there is:

  1. A loss of personal space in Asia 
  2. Energy that is still abuzz at night after a 90 degree day and locals as friendly to you as you are to them
  3. A lingering feeling that what you are doing is not entirely safe and not something you would do at home

Walking down to Bui Vien

Amongst the crowd at Bui Vien Street

Having to move for the motorbike being parked inside

Me and the future Dr. Darren

Me and the future Dr. Jason

My newest, best and only friend from Singapore, Helly