I will spend three weeks in Vietnam and am coming to the conclusion of my trip.  

Reflecting on the past seven weeks I’ve already been abroad I certainly have a few favorites and places I would have skipped altogether which is easy to say in hindsight.  My trip really started out with a bang.  Spending time with my Lola and sister in the Philippines then going to Thailand to celebrate my birthday with seven of my best friends and favorite people just couldn’t be beat.  Sadly, my time in Laos at the beginning of the trip paired with the onset of the rainy season made me reset my expectations.  My adventures in Laos were pretty tame compared to partying in Thailand with #teamthailand.  Cambodia reenergized me and I think Vietnam will be a bit crazier.  With three weeks left, I have more of a YOLO attitude and spending habit since I’ve been pretty good budgeting so far.  I can’t believe I just used the word YOLO.  I saw it on a shirt somewhere with a cat that said “Those who say YOLO, I wish they had less than one life to live.”

Missing Team Thailand


Here’s how I plan to spend my three weeks in Vietnam.  Two weeks following the below, then one full week in Hanoi where depending on budget, I will take a 3 day Halong bay cruise and get some custom tailored clothes for B-school.  I am also hoping to convince Joyce who I began my trip with in Bangkok to join me for the finale.