For about six days I had the pleasure of keeping company with three new girlfriends and Melita (met her in Bangkok, day one of Stray). My fellow wanderers were Kelly and Shannon from New Zealand and Eveline from Amsterdam. My time in Laos seemed to drag on a little bit and I needed a change of scenery and company and these girls provided just the change I needed.

My new girlfriends shared their travel stories and the transition in their lives that made them travel for six months to a year. They were equally inspiring and troubling. Together we sampled snake, tarantula and cricket. Also troubling was sharing stories about dating, boys and encouraging drinking out of buckets or cocktails called Tomb Raider. I should also mention that they helped me celebrate the Fourth of July, a Holiday that means nothing to them, with rounds of blue shots. They made my time in Cambodia unforgettable and also made me homesick for my girlfriends back at home. We’ve all gone our separate ways after Siem Reap and I find myself missing them but knowing that if I ever travel to Australia, the Netherlands or New Zealand I have a place to stay. Likewise, I can’t wait to show them the States.

So happy to have met them, the world is much more fun to explore with new friends.

Group dinner in Siem Reap


Buckets in Siem Reap


Cambodian wedding pose at Angkor Wat