I have fallen in love with Cambodia and have gone on many random adventures. Here are a few highlights:

  • Riding a bamboo train at sunset in Battambang. The French left old tracks in Cambodia and there are makeshift trains where platforms are made out of bamboo. It’s a free bum massage and the trains can reach speeds of up to 30 mph, there are no brakes. We went on about an hour long round trip ride through the Cambodian countryside. Just beautiful.
  • Crashing a Cambodian wedding. Our tour guide, Ang Hang, had a friend from college getting married en route to Phnom Penh from Siem Reap. We stopped for a couple hours and ate some traditional Cambodian food and were invited to imbibe as many beers as we wanted. We were greeted at the entrance by the bride and groom and took photos with them. We even received small wedding gifts and then gave cash filled envelopes to the bride and groom. Almost as though we were invited! Ang Hang showed up at the wedding with five beautiful women, what a lucky guy. We tried to help him find a single lady but he felt under dressed and was a bit shy. We showed up around noon and the party ended around 3 pm with the dance floor getting crowded and men wanting to dance with us. Perfect time to leave.
  • Visiting the floating villages at Tonle Lake.
  • Taking a Cambodian cooking course at our homestay. I can basically wrap spring rolls, both fresh and fried. Unfortunately I cannot make Amok but I have the recipe!
  • Dining at Friends, an NGO good cause restaurant that employs former street children and gives them the experience they need to get a job in the hospitality industry.  With five new travel friends we sampled about ten different delicious tapas and had dessert!
  • Having cheesecake, coffee and a massage at Daughters of Cambodia.  A place that serves to transition victims of the sex industry into an empowering new life. More info here, http://daughtersofcambodia.org/
  • Going to a silk farm and meeting the artists that made the scarves I purchased.
  • Meeting village children at our homestay.  Adorable.
  • Touching a Tarantula
  • Siem Reap and visiting Wats
  • Eating crab in Kep and staying in a bungalow at the beach
  • Meeting Melissa, of course

Bamboo Train in Battambang

Turning around on Bamboo train

The open tracks

Selfies on the Bamboo train

Cambodian wedding with special guests

Enjoying ourselves at the wedding

Village homestay

Not as scary as a snake