After a sobering day at the killing fields and learning about the Khmer Rouge, some new friends and I on Stray took a 180 degree turn and ventured to a remote island off of the coastal town of Kep, Cambodia. Kep is a weekend destination for many Cambodians and there is plenty of crab which Camille likes. Essentially we had one full day in paradise to remind us to count our blessings and this was the most relaxing day of my entire trip. I even got about 8 hours of sleep which was needed after seeing Melissa and only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before.

Within my 24 hours on Rabbit island, I had coconut crab, fried noodles and plenty of fruit smoothies. Eating happened in between reading in a hammock and then an hour long foot massage on the beach. After a beautiful sunset and toasting to Natalie I shared a cute bungalow with Melita that had two hammocks and two double sized beds. The waters were very rocky at Rabbit Island but if they weren’t and if I wasn’t as tired I would have likely gone knee deep into the ocean to try to see the phosphorescent plankton that light up the shores. 

It’s not often you get to fall asleep in a bungalow hearing the ocean waves. Pure bliss.

Boat we took to Rabbit Island from Kep

Hiking to our Bungalows

Fried Noodles and shrimp at the beach

The cook with her days catch of crab

Our Bungalow

Reading hammock and massage stand

Beautiful sunset with Natalie in mind