I like to think I am a pretty good packer.  Living on the west coast and being 2,000 miles from home gave me plenty of good practice.  This trip I’ve just packed for has certainly presented the trickiest packing situation, ever ever.  It took me a few days and trials of filling my luggage and removing items that didn’t feel as necessary.  From Chicago, I had to pack for a wedding in Seattle, to eight weeks in Southeast Asia and can’t forget, gifts for my Lola in the Philippines.

Here’s what I’ve prepared:

Wedding: 15 pounds worth of luggage

  • Emergency wedding day k.i.t as depicted here
  • Andrissa 2014
  • One bridesmaid dress
  • One dress for the rehearsal dinner
  • One pair of heels
  • One pair of flats
  • One pair of dressier sandals, hooray for a forecasted 82 degree day!
  • One pair of PJs
  • Bridesmaid gift 
  • Four days of casual clothes for Seattle
Southeast Asia: 20 pounds worth of luggage
  • One pair of gym shoes
  • One pair of flip flops
  • One pair of walking sandals, yes, I gave in and bought Chacos
  • Three lightweight cotton dressier shirts
  • Three technical t-shirts
  • One sports bra, three regular bras
  • Six pairs of underwear.  All exofficio, the best.
  • Three pairs of socks, one cotton, two smartwool.  Ive been told this is a smart idea of temples instead of going barefoot
  • One light weight cover up sweater
  • One button up bugs away shirt that has insect repellant already in the fabric.  Totally testing this out.  Its supposed to be breathable and is more of a cover up 
  • One set of clothes to sleep in
  • One rain coat
  • Two bathing suits
  • Two packable towels, one for beach, one for personal
  • One pair of tech pants
  • Two pairs of shorts
  • One pair of capris
  • One pair of black leggings to cover up and possibly sleep in
  • Lots of immodium, pepto bismal, bug repellant, dramamine, tylenol, contacts and a toothbrush

  • Luggage: 7 pounds
  • Convertible backpack

    Convertible backpack